Shirley Chisolm

Shirley Chisholm

Shirley Chisholm was the first ever African American Democrat to run for President. She didn’t win but she sure did shock the world. She also had a masters degree in Elementary education and continued advocation for better rights and treatment of African Americans. She wanted reproduction rights for women and better food stamps rights and wanted minimum wage to be better. Just in general Shirley wanted to better the world anyway she could. Whether it was advocating for rights and stopping segregation just helping people in general was her main goal.

Shirley Chisholm made many great accomplishments in her life time. One of these being that she was nominated by Bill Clinton to be the ambassador for brazil. Did you know that she co-founded the National Congress of Black Woman. When she did run for president she brought racial and Gender equity to the national state. This was a big deal because of the fact that this issue has been ignored for so long and whenever someone did look into it was just ignored or not followed up.  Shirley Chisholm was an amazing person and an even better activist.