Emmett Till

Emmett till in childhood

Emmett till was just a boy when he died but even though he was just a boy he had a massive impact on the world. Emmetts story starts in Chicago Illinois, 1941 where even as a young boy he faced racism and discrimination. Emmetts story is that one of sadness and injustice.

Emmets story begins on August 28th when he was sent to the store to fetch groceries. When he arrived at the store he was confronted by a few white men who would end up beating and killing him just because he was black. As imagined there was some uproar about this event and many people were furious.

The worst part of this story is when the men who murdered Emmett were tried by courts they were found innocent. After the trial results where made public people were furious and were crying for justice but know one was listening to them. After many years the 2 men who killed Till both died from cancer. As imaged this event was a huge push for civil rights and would help in the eventual civil rights bills and acts. Even though Emmett was young his legacy and life will never be forgotten.