Marsha P. Johnson

August 24, 1945-July 6, 1992

Marsha P. Johnson was an icon. She was known for her participation in the stonewall riots, the Gay Liberation Front, ACTUP, and the creation of the STAR house with, fellow activist, Sylvia Rivera.

The P in Marsha P. Johnson stands for “Pay it no mind.” She often used this signature phrase when asked about her gender. She was a drag queen, a leading activist for LGBTQIA+ rights, a member of the New York city night life, and would often be seen with a crown of flowers. She had a strong care for her community and a strong sense of her own identity as a gay transvestite.

Johnson was found dead in the Hudson River on July 2, 1992. While the police initially deemed it suicide her friends stated that she was not suicidal and pointed out the wound on the back of her head. The case was reopened in 2016.

It is important to recognize the Black Trans. women, like Marsha P. Johnson, who were the backbone of the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights.