Jesse Owens

Jesse Owens 1936 Olympics Berlin, Germany

In the talk of best male olympians some may bring up Usain bolt or Micheal Phelps, but it is no doubt that Jesse Owens had one the most impactful olympic journeys. Jesse Owens is known for his performances in the 1936 Berlin Olympics where he won 4 gold medals in track and field. The events he raced in and won were long jump, 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, and 4×100 meter relay.

This was a huge accomplishment seeing as how at the time he was the only American athletes in history to win 4 gold medals for track and field in a single olympic game. Additionally with those four medals he also broke 3 world records with his 100 and 200 meter performances and his 4×100 relay time.

Unfortunately when WW2 broke out Jesse’s olympic journey would come to an end and even though he may not have participated in any more games he surely accomplished enough and proved himself at the games in Berlin. It is quite obvious that Jesses legacy will never be forgotten.